GUIDED TOUR of the Bees castle

  • A welcome with honey liqueur
  • A presentation of the farm and the ecological beekeeping
  • At every tour we take a look at an  opened beehive,
  • Tasting of our four kinds of honey
  • A visit to the rabbits, chickens, birds, sheep and pony Poldi

The price of the guided tour is (free for apartment guests):
- Kids 3 €

- Grownups 3 €

For smaller groups then 5 people, is the price for a guided tour 15€.

Additional possibilities:

-       Riding the pony Poldi (for groups of less than 10 kids 20€, for bigger groups 2€/child)
-       Making candles out of wax for the kids (2€/candle – at least 10 persons)
-       A »campfire« evening – baking of bread on sticks (3€/person, at least 10 persons)

Advance booking required